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Slowakische Philharmonie

Lokaler Name: Slovenská filharmónia

The Slovak Philharmonic is a cultural institution recognized in Europe that has been operating for over 60 years. Three music groups, a symphony orchestra and a chamber orchestra and a choir are based in the neo-baroque building of the Reduta in Hviezdoslavoho namestie.

The Reduta building was built in the times of Maria Theresa as the town's granaries. Reconstruction was made at the beginning of the 20th century in the neo-baroque style. It was one of the first buildings in Slovakia to use reinforced concrete. The rebuilt building received decorations in the then fashionable Art Nouveau style. It was given to the needs of Reduta, a social and cultural institution.

In 1950, the Reduta building was transferred to the Slovak Philharmonic. It is a three-story building with rounded corners, a mansard roof and Art Nouveau ornaments of window frames and wall tops. Inside, there are concert halls and an extensive halls.



Slowakische Philharmonie Karte
Námestie Eugena Suchoňa 100/1816 01 Bratislava, Slowakei