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Ramsgate is one of the most famous seaside resorts in southern England. It flourished most in the 19th century and most of its representative buildings come from this time.

Although the town was founded during the Normandy invasion, it did not play a significant role on the English coast until the 18th century. Only when the construction of the local port began in 1749 did the importance of Ramsgate increase.

The turn of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries brought an increase in the popularity of seaside leisure and the development of resorts on the coast. Sandy Ramsgate Beach has quickly become a magnet attracting crowds of holidaymakers seeking sun, swimming and entertainment.

Since then, Ramsgate has remained at the forefront of British holiday destinations. The local beach, awarded with the Blue Flag, is well equipped, and the area is full of attractions such as a promenade, bars, beach entertainment, as well as swimming and leisure equipment rentals.

The historic attraction of Ramsgate are tunnels from World War II open to tourists. They were used by the defense of the coast during the Battle of Britain.

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