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Penzance is a seaside town in Cornwall, a famous tourist port and a holiday resort that has been developing since the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. In the center you can see a lot of Victorian and Art Nouveau buildings, and the surrounding coast is famous for its beautiful views.

Due to its location, Penzance is often referred to as "the end of Britain". Further southwest there is no larger town left. Instead, there is Cape Cornwall, which is conventionally recognized as the border between the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the English Channel. The cape is a good place for hiking, it offers beautiful views of the varied coastline. There are ruins of a chapel and a stone obelisk.

Until the second half of the 19th century, Penzance developed primarily as a port and a trading town. It became a place of seaside recreation relatively late. This was due to the lack of a wide, sandy beach, which first attracted nineteenth-century tourists. The beaches in and around Penzance are small, often hidden in coves. Some of them, like Porth Nanven, are covered with large, round stones, which are called "dinosaur eggs" because of their similarity. However, there are also nice sandy places to relax here, such as the Gwenver beach.

Penzance was most popular at the beginning of the 20th century and in the interwar period. The beauty of the local coast was then appreciated. Guest houses and buildings on the main streets were built. The Art Nouveau Egyptian House with exotic ornaments stands out here. In 1935, the art deco seawater pool was opened, which significantly improved the possibility of bathing. It is one of the few buildings of this type that has survived to this day.

Penzance's attractions are concentrated around the sea and the port. From here, you can go on a boat trip along the picturesque St. Agnieszka. These areas are not only beautiful views, but also industrial remnants of history related to coal mining. On the cliffs, you can see the ruins of the 19th century mines that look like castles from a distance. The city also has a nice seaside promenade with many restaurants and bars, and you can also see Acton Castle, a former noble estate in the vicinity. The castle has now been turned into holiday apartments for rent.

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