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Llandudno is the largest Welsh seaside resort. It is located on the picturesque Conva Bay, at the foot of Mount Great Orme, which is a destination for numerous excursions.

The city is named after its patron saint. Tudno, and its origins date back to the Bronze Age. Back then, there was a fort on Mount Great Orme that guarded the entire neighborhood. Currently, the Great Orme Park covering the mountain and its surroundings is one of the greatest attractions of Llandudno. The top of the mountain rises 207 m above sea level and stands on it a hotel offering not only high-class services, but also a stunning view of the city and the coast.

The limestone hill is also home to many species of rare plants and insects. There are many walking paths here, and you can reach the top via the gondola and the historic Great Orme tram line.

In the mid-nineteenth century, Llandudno began to develop as a seaside resort. At that time, the existing promenade was built, as well as Victorian hotels and guesthouses, which are still the landmark of the city. A seaside attraction, apart from the sandy beach, is a 300-meter pier, and in summer the seaside part of the city is teeming with life until late at night.

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