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Dover is often referred to as the Gate of England due to its location on the English Channel and having one of the largest ports on the south coast. It is beautifully situated at the foot of white chalk cliffs, and is also famous for its majestic medieval castle.

The White Cliffs of Dover are one of the most recognizable images from England. They rise where the English Channel is narrowest. The French coast is only 34 km away. This is why there is a port serving ferry connections between France and Great Britain. Each newcomer is greeted by white kliyas from which the ancient name of the island, Albion, comes.

The cliffs are among the most important attractions of Dover. Several walking routes lead through their peaks, which reach even 100 m in height. The rock walls can be seen from the sandy beaches along the shore.

The location of Dover has made it a strategic point on the map of England for centuries. For this reason, Henry II Plantagenet built his stronghold here. Dover Castle is one of the largest in Great Britain. It consists of several dozen buildings surrounded by high walls. On its premises there are, among others the gothic church of St Mary in Castro, the ruins of the Roman lighthouse and numerous defensive buildings. Under the stronghold there are Dover Castle Tunnels, which were also used during World War II.

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