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Levoča is a city where you can see the perfectly preserved Old Town surrounded by defensive walls. In 2009, it was entered on the UNESCO list and is one of the most valuable urban complexes in Slovakia.

The city was founded in the 13th century, and in the following century it was granted the status of a free city. It developed as a craft center and an important point on the trade route leading from Hungary to Krakow. Due to the warehousing law, all merchants following the route had to stop in Levoča and display their goods there and pay the relevant fees.

The heyday of Levoča fell in the late Middle Ages. At that time, Master Paweł was active here, who created a magnificent, late-gothic altar for the local St. James. It stands by the market square and is one of the greatest attractions of Levoča. There is now a viewing point on its tower. Next to the basilica, you can see the Renaissance town hall with arcades, and at the market square there is also the House of Master Paweł, which is now a branch of the Slovak National Museum. An interesting object on the market square is the Cage of Shame, also known as the Cage of Shame. It was a place of serving sentences by persons committing offenses such as disturbing order or fraud. When exposed to the public, they could be publicly insulted and ridiculed.

An important monument of Levoča are the city walls with gates preserved almost all around the perimeter of the Old Town. Inside, there is not only the market square, but also the buildings of the neighboring streets with medieval and baroque tenement houses, a baroque church and monastery of minorites, and the Basilica of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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