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Barnens Gård

Локальное имя: Barnens Gård

Barnens Gård is an amusement park in Lyckeby. It is a combination of an open farm, a zoo, a playground and a water park. Activities include tractor and hay trailer rides, a visit to the pasture, and up close and personal observation of farm animals such as cows, goats, ponies, rabbits and poultry.

The animals can be petted and fed with special food. Smaller animals such as rabbits and cats can be picked up by children and hugged. On the playground there are trampolines, climbing ladders, swings and bouncy castles. There is also an electric car track and a large maze.

There are four pools of different depths in the water park, designed for both adults and children. There is a 120 m long water slide and several smaller slides. In the middle of the water park is a sunny island with sun loungers.


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    Barnens Gård карта
    Barnens Gård
    Barnens Gård
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