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Скара Соммарланд

Локальное имя: Skara Sommarland

Skara Sommarland is a summer amusement park that runs from June to September. There are over 40 attractions for both children and adults. Among them there are 3 roller coasters, as well as carousels, slides and go-kart tracks. There is also a lake where you can ride a rented boat or go water skiing.

Part of the Sommarland park is a modern water park with several water slides of different heights and lengths. Among them is Big Drop, 21 m high and the highest attraction of this type in Northern Europe. It is also worth choosing Snakepit, which consists of three tracks measuring from 90 to 105 m in length.

For the youngest there is an extensive water park with a pirate ship, small slides and waterfalls. Right next to it there are inflatable boats, trampolines and a restaurant.


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    Скара Соммарланд карта
    Скара Соммарланд
    Скара Соммарланд
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