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Тырговиштский зоопарк

Локальное имя: Grădina Zoologică Târgoviște

Târgoviște Zoo is located in the northern part of the city's largest park, Chindia Park, and in the immediate vicinity of the Curtea Domneasca museum complex and the Chindia Tower. There you can see animals from 6 continents, some endangered and covered by a special protection program.

The zoo is home to animals representing over 160 different species. They include lions, tigers, buffalo bears, deer and hippos, including the unique pygmy hippos. Among the birds you can meet here, among others African ostriches, swans, peacocks and pheasants.

The zoo was founded in 1957. Initially, it was located in the city center, but in 1972 it was moved to its current location. The history of the city's zoos, however, goes back to the 16th century, when Prince Petru Cercel moved the country's capital from Bucharest to Targoviste. At that time, he ordered the construction of Italian gardens in which cages with wild animals were placed.


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    Тырговиштский зоопарк карта
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