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Памятник героям

Локальное имя: Monumentul Eroilor

The Monument to the Heroes in Tulcea stands on top of a hill, from where it dominates the entire city. Long stairs lead to it. Around it, a Garden of Remembrance was established, which also includes the ruins of the Aegyssus fortress and the Museum of History and Archeology. The monument was erected as a tribute to the heroism of those fighting for the liberation of the country from Ottoman rule.

The monument was built in 1879 by the Romanian sculptor George Vasilescu. It has the form of a 22-meter obelisk with two bronze sculptures next to it. One is a soldier figure and the other is a mighty eagle with outstretched wings.

During the First World War, Tulcza was seriously damaged, and the monument was also damaged. In 1932, the obelisk was rebuilt, but the sculptures were omitted. It was only in 1977 that it was restored to its original appearance.


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