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Клокочёв монастырь

Локальное имя: Mănăstirea Clocociov

The Clocociov monastery, located in the town of Slatina, is one of the oldest settlements in the region, although the first official monastery was established here only in the 16th century. After the secularization of the monastery estates in the second half of the 19th century, the monastery began to decline, but was revitalized in the 1980s 20th century Currently, a community of nuns lives here.

During the visit, you can see a partially preserved high wall with buttresses on the sides, which formerly gave the monastery the character of a defensive fortress. There is also a belfry and a six-sided tower on the facade of which there is an icon representing the patrons of the monastery - St. Archangels Michael and Gabriel.

The monastery houses a museum dedicated to ancient Romanian art. Its collections include antique icons, collections of embroidery and fabrics, sculptures and illustrated books.


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    Клокочёв монастырь карта
    Strada Mănăstirea Clocociov , Румыния