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Хорезу монастырь

Локальное имя: Mănăstirea Horezu

The female Orthodox monastery in Horezu is considered a masterpiece of the Brâncovenesc style, also known as the Romanian Renaissance. Its characteristic features are the balance of form and the richness of sculptural and painting details. The complex has the status of a national monument. It was also inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The monastery was founded in 1690 by Constantine Brâncoveanu, Hospodar of Wallachia, recognized by the Orthodox Church as a saint. The monastery complex consists of two churches and two hermitages. Hermitage of St. Apostles was founded by the then abbot of the monastery in 1698, and the hermitage of St. Stefan was built in 1703 and named after the eldest son, hospodar. The monastery also houses a chapel and a refectory.


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Хорезу монастырь карта
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