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Трансфагарасанская дорога

Локальное имя: Şoşeaua Transfăgărășan

It is a national road that runs through the center of Romania and connects the Bascov news in eastern Wallachia with Câr Cișoara in Transylvania. It is 151 km long. At its highest point, it reaches a height of 2042 m above sea level, which makes it the second highest road in the country.

There are over 800 bridges on the route, nearly 30 viaducts and several tunnels. The longest of them is 884 m long and crosses the mountain range. It is in its section that the road rises to its highest point. The northern part of the road is arranged in numerous serpentines, which additionally make the trip more attractive.

Along the southern section of the road there are, among others Poenari Castle, formerly owned by Vlad the Impaler, who is the prototype of Dracula, and the dam on the Arjesz River, which is 160 m high and forms the Vidraru Lake.


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