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Георгиевская церковь

Локальное имя: Biserica Sfântul Gheorghe Nou

St. George in Bucharest was built in 1705. There are two miraculous icons in it - the icon of St. Paraskieva and the eighteenth-century icon of the Mother of God. There are also relics of St. Nicholas of Mira, kept in a gilded silver coffin decorated with precious stones.

The temple was the last building funded by the Hospodar of Wallachia, Constantine Brâncoveanu. The architectural style characteristic of his reign comes from his name, known as the Brâncoveanu style or the Romanian Renaissance. It was in this style that the church of St. George. Hospodar was recognized by the Orthodox Church as a saint, you can also see his tomb here. There is a marble memorial plaque right next to it.


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    Георгиевская церковь карта
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