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Антимский монастырь

Локальное имя: Mănăstirea Antim

Antyma Monastery is a male Orthodox monastery built in 1713-1715 on the initiative of the metropolitan Antim Iberian, whose name it was named after. In 2005, only 7 monks lived there. Currently, there is a museum of sacred art at the monastery and a permanent exhibition devoted to the founder of the monastery.

The monastery was built on the site of an old wooden church. Initially, it had the shape of a defensive fortress with a church situated in a central place. The temple is 30 meters long and 10 meters wide. It attracts attention with its decorative facade, carved columns and a monumental portal. Inside you can see, among others oak pulpit from the mid-nineteenth century.

In addition to the church, the complex includes a belfry, chapel, monks' cells and the abbot's house. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Palace of the Holy Synod was also built on the premises of the monastery.


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