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Пешеходные переходы реки Пайва

Локальное имя: Passadiços do Paiva

When visiting the park, be sure to go for a hike along the left bank of the Paiva River. It is 8 km long. A significant part of it consists of steep wooden stairs, bridges and footbridges, so the entire route usually takes about 2.5 km and is quite exhausting.

While hiking, you can admire natural landscapes, untouched by human hands. They include picturesque beaches, waterfalls and a rushing river. In selected places, you can go to the very shore and cool off in the water.

Before going for a walk, remember about appropriate footwear and clothes adapted to the frequently changing weather here. There are three bars on the route where you can buy drinks and snacks, but it's still worth having your own provisions.

Пешеходные переходы реки Пайва карта
Пешеходные переходы реки Пайва
Пешеходные переходы реки Пайва
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