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Wałcz is a town located between the Raduń and Zamkowe Lakes in the South Pomeranian Lake District. In the area you can go water tourism and relax in nature.

The city has a history dating back to the medieval times, but due to numerous wars and fires that consumed it over the centuries, there are not many buildings here older than from the 19th century. In the past, it was a craft center, a commercial oasis, and experienced its greatest boom in the 17th century, when, after the Jesuits had been brought in, the monastic gymnasium called Wałeckie Athens began to operate here.

Among the monuments of the city are the neo-Gothic churches of St. Nicholas and St. Antoni, an eclectic town hall and a classicist manor house, which houses the Museum of the Wałcz Region with exhibitions devoted to local history.

The attractions of the Wałcz area are numerous lakes, which are perfect for canoeing and fishing. The lake district is a good place to relax for people looking for contact with nature and peace.

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