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Tomaszów Mazowiecki is a town on the Pilica River, near the Sulejowski Reservoir. Although it is a relatively young city, about 200 years old, its surroundings are extremely attractive for tourists due to nature reserves and the possibility of active tourism on the Pilica River.

The city was founded in 1830 by the counts of Ostrowski. They decided to take this step due to the iron ore mines developing in this area from the second half of the 18th century and the smelters in which they were smelted. This industry functioned in Tomaszów until the 1860s, and then fell into decline due to the depletion of deposits.

Today's Tomaszów Mazowiecki is more and more often visited by tourists. The Pilica River, which is a great place for canoeing, is the main attraction in this area. In addition, a big attraction is the Blue Springs reserve established in the karst spring. The waters of the backwaters take different colors depending on the weather conditions, and the surrounding forest is home to numerous animals, including over 70 species of birds.

A big attraction of Tomaszów Mazowiecki is the Underground Tourist Route "Groty Nagórzyckie" located in a former glass sand mine. There is also an open-air museum of the Pilica River with a collection of water mills and buildings from the area of Tomaszów. In the city itself, the recreational area is the Bulwary nad Pilica Park, and the history of the city can be found in the Antoni Countess Ostrowski.

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