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Szczecinek is a city surrounded by the lakes of the Drawskie and Szczecinek Lakelands. These are areas known among enthusiasts of water sports as well as canoeing and sailing tourism. In the area, you can also see historic military objects belonging to the fortifications of the Pomeranian Wall.

Due to its location, Szczecinek was destroyed many times during its history in numerous battles for Western Pomerania. The oldest of the local monuments is the Pomeranian Dukes' Castle, whose southern wing was erected in the 14th century. Currently, it houses a conference center and a gallery in the basement. In turn, in the building of the 19th-century school, you can see exhibitions related to the history of the city and the region belonging to the Regional Museum.

The place associated with the beginnings of Szczecinek is the Przemysł II Hill, also known as the Bismarck Hill. It rises above Lake Trzesiecko, and at the beginning of the 20th century, the Bismarck Tower was built on it. It is currently one of the most recognizable buildings and the main attraction of Szczecinek. You can also go on a cruise on Lake Trzesiecko on the "Księżna Jadwiga" excursion ship. There is also a marina for sailing boats and a kayak rental.

In the years 1934-1935, fortifications of the Pomeranian Wall were built in the vicinity of Szczecinek. They protected, among others isthmus between lakes Trzesiecko and Wielimie. In 1945, the Germans hoped that with their participation it would be possible to stop the offensive of the Soviet troops, but they did not. Many buildings belonging to the Embankment have survived to this day, and one of the best-preserved is the two-story B-Werk Bunker, which is now open to the public.

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