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Kamień Pomorski is a historic town on the Kamień Lagoon and a health resort that uses local brine springs. Its most important monument is the Romanesque-Gothic cathedral located on the route of Romanesque architecture.

The beginnings of Kamień Pomorski go back to the 9th century. At that time, there was a fishing settlement and a port on the Kamień Lagoon. Its fate changed in 1176, when the seat of the bishopric was moved here from Wolin. Since then, the fate and success of the city were closely related to the church. In the 14th century, the city joined the Hanseatic League, becoming an important trade center in this part of the Baltic coast, but in the next century, the application of sand to the Kamień Lagoon caused its shallowing and silting of the port. This led to the collapse of trade and the loss of significance by Kamień. Better economic conditions returned only in the second half of the 19th century, after the discovery of brine springs in the vicinity and the establishment of a health resort.

The most important monuments of Kamień Pomorski are located within the Cathedral Housing Estate. There is the Cathedral in Kamień Pomorski, built at the end of the 12th century and then rebuilt many times. The development of the estate also includes a bishop's palace, a rectory, a dean's house, a canon, a former school and other residential and farm buildings.

The area of the Old Town in Kamień Pomorski was heavily damaged during World War II. There are fragments of the defensive walls and the Maślana Gate, the Wolin Gate, which now houses the Stone Museum, which is one of the most important attractions of Kamień Pomorski, the Piast Tower and the town hall with a nicely decorated gable. You can learn about the rich history of the city at the Kamień Land History Museum.

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