Победзинская крепость

Локальное имя: Gród Pobiedziska

The building is a contemporary reconstruction of an early medieval stronghold from the Piast times, located on the Piast Trail. However, instead of a typical open-air museum, inside you can find life-size medieval siege machines. All replicas are fully operational and can be fired (under the supervision of the castle staff). The biggest attraction is a huge 10-meter trebuchet.

There have never been such structures in the place where the stronghold stands today. Pobiedziska itself, however, is a historically important place where the Piast rulers used to visit. The reconstructed medieval stronghold was built thanks to the efforts of the Siege Studio company, especially the enthusiasts of the Middle Ages - Bartosz Styszyński. The facility is intended to enable visitors to acquire basic knowledge of siege machines and techniques in the Middle Ages, while ensuring good fun for both children and adults.

Numerous thematic and corporate events, birthdays, archery tournaments and classes for groups are organized in the castle. Every spring, the Piast Rally in Grodzie Pobiedziska attracts the most people.


Достопримечательности внутри

    Победзинская крепость карта
    62-010 Победзиска , Польша