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Piła is a town on the border of the Wałeckie and Krajeńskie Lakelands. Due to war damage, only small fragments of the old buildings have survived here. However, the city offers many opportunities for active leisure.

The town was probably founded in the 15th century and developed as a commercial center. Stanisław Staszic was born here in 1755, and his family home is now open to visitors as the Stanisław Staszic Museum. From the old buildings, mainly 19th-century churches have survived, such as the neo-Gothic church of St. Stanisław Kostka or the neo-baroque church of the Holy Family. A unique phenomenon on a national scale is the modernist church of St. George, erected in the interwar period. Anthony.

Piła's attractions are mainly related to the possibility of active leisure. There are many lakes around the city where you can go canoeing, boating and pedal boat trips. At the bottom of the Płocie Lake there is the only Underwater Jurassic Park in Poland. Dinosaur sculptures can be seen here while diving. In summer, there is a water tram on the Gwda River, which you can get among others to the Park on the Island, where there are many walking paths and recreational areas. The Piła Aquapark can be an interesting proposition for families with children.

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