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Myczkowce is a small holiday resort on Lake Myczkowce. There is a Caritas resort with a miniature park and many other attractions.

Until the end of World War II, the town was inhabited by Ruthenians. To this day, in its center there is a brick church, which now serves as a Roman Catholic church. Currently, it is a tourist village with many guesthouses and agritourism farms. A great attraction of Myczkowce is the dam that forms Lake Myczkowieckie. Its crown is available for walks.

An attractive place in Myczkowce is the Caritas center, in which there is a Biblical Garden, a Mini Zoo, sports fields, an ecological education center and the Park of Miniature Temples. It houses models of churches and churches from the area of the Polish and Slovak Carpathians (mainly from the Bieszczady Mountains and the Low Beskids). They have been grouped according to the geographical criterion, so you can see how diverse the world of wooden construction in the Carpathians is.

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