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Tum is a small town famous for its magnificent Romanesque collegiate church, one of the most important Polish monuments from that period.

Between the 10th and 13th centuries, there was a stronghold in Tum, which gave rise to the nearby Łęczyca. It was a city of great administrative and commercial importance. In the 11th century, Kazimierz the Restorer founded a Benedictine abbey here, which was moved to Mogilno in 1140. On the site of the former monastery, the Collegiate Church in Tum was built, which is now the most important attraction of the town. It is a Romanesque temple that has remained virtually unchanged to our times. In its basement, relics of an earlier monastery have been discovered.

The Church Heritage Museum operates at the Collegiate Church, presenting collections of sacred art and the history of the collegiate church. There is also a historic wooden church of St. Nicholas.

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