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Legnica is a city belonging to the Legnica-Głogów Copper District. It is an industrial city with many historical monuments from earlier periods, including a castle and a gothic cathedral.

The city was founded in the 13th century and quickly became the seat of the Piasts, later called Legnica. It was them who built the Piast Castle here, which today houses various public institutions. Legnica can also boast two monumental Gothic churches, the Legnica Cathedral and the Church of the Virgin Mary. Another historic temple in the city is the baroque church of St. John.

Currently, the strict center of Legnica does not have dense historic buildings. After the war damage, many new buildings were erected in the Old Town, which did not refer to the previous construction. However, a large market square from the time of its incorporation with the building of the Old Town Hall and Renaissance houses with arcades called Śledziówki has been preserved. On the outskirts of the Old Town, you can see two towers, the Chojnowska Gate Tower and the Głogowska Gate Tower.

An interesting attraction of Legnica is the Copper Museum. It also serves as a regional museum and apart from exhibitions devoted to metal mining, it also has exhibitions related to the history of the city and the region as well as the culture of the local population.

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