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Chochołów is a Podhale village known for its well-preserved wooden highlander buildings. In its vicinity there is the entrance to the Chochołowska Valley, one of the most popular Tatra valleys among tourists. There is also an aquapark Termy Chochołowskie.

The village was founded in the 16th century and was inhabited by highlanders who worked in the woods and grazed sheep. In 1846, it became the center of the peasant uprising, called the Chochołowski uprising, headed by the local organist Jan Adrusikiewicz. The rebellion against the Austrian authorities collapsed after a few days, after Andrusikiewicz was badly wounded.

On the main street of the village, there is a complex of over 100 wooden highlander huts, the oldest of which date back to the 18th century. Every spring, houses are ceremonially washed with soap and water so that they retain the light color of the wood. It is the biggest attraction of Chochołów and all houses are still inhabited. One of the most famous houses in Chochołów is Chałupa z Jednej Jedli. To learn about the culture of the highlanders, you can also visit the Jan Zięder Regional Chamber.

Near Chochołów, in the neighboring Witów, there is the inlet of the Chochołowska Valley. Formerly it was a grazing area for local highlanders, now the valley is located in the Tatra National Park and is primarily a tourist destination. The vicinity of Chochołów is also known for its peat bogs and swamps called "forests". In 2018, the Natural Heritage Center-Museum of Peatlands was opened in the village, which in the form of an interactive exhibition introduces the subject related to this natural phenomenon.

A big attraction of Chochołów are the Chochołowskie Baths based on local geothermal sources. They include indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and spa and leisure facilities.

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