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St. Anne's Mountain is a place where one of the most important sanctuaries in Silesia is located. The village is also associated with the fights during the Third Silesian Uprising, which is commemorated by the monument and the museum.

The town is picturesquely situated on the hill of St. Anne's Mountain and at its foot. The entire area is under the protection of a landscape park with numerous walking paths and hiking trails.

Since the 15th century, St. Anne's Mountain has been a place of religious worship. In the 17th century, the Franciscans who resided here brought to their church the figure of St. Anna Samotrzenie presenting the saint with Mary on one hand and Jesus on the other. The present appearance of the Sanctuary of St. Anne was obtained during the baroque reconstruction. In addition to the church and monastery, there is also a pilgrim's house and a complex of Kalwaria chapels.

During the 3rd Silesian Uprising, heavy fights between the insurgents and the Germans took place in the area of St. Anne's Mountain. As a result of the plebiscite, the area was incorporated into Germany. In the years 1934-1938 a monument and an amphitheater were built on the slopes of the mountain, dedicated to the German victims of the fighting. The monument was destroyed by order of the Polish authorities in 1945, and the amphitheater is now in ruins. In 1955, a new Monument to the Uprising Act was unveiled, created by Xawery Dunikowski. Next to it, there is the Museum of the Uprising commemorating the Silesian Uprisings.

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