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Dziwnów is a holiday resort on the Baltic Sea, with a sandy beach and good accommodation facilities. There is also a fishing port and a marina.

The town already existed in the 12th century, and there was a commercial port at the mouth of the Dziwna River to the sea. There was also a trade route in the direction of the Kamieniec and Szczecin Lagoon, which connected them with the Baltic Sea, in a strange way. However, it lost its significance in the 15th century, when the Dziwna River became sandy and larger vessels could not use it.

The second period of Dziwnów's heyday began in the 19th century. Brine springs were discovered here, which became the basis for the health resort. It was also a popular sea bathing beach. Currently, the local brines are not exploited, and tourists to Dziwnów are mainly attracted by the sandy beach.

Among the attractions of Dziwnów are the Avenue of Sports Stars with replicas of medals of Polish sportsmen, as well as the Park of Miniatures and Railways, in which smaller replicas of Pomeranian monuments, lighthouses and attractions were built, with railway routes between them.

In the immediate vicinity of Dziwnów there is also the Wolin Island, which can be reached via a drawbridge. The areas of the Wolin National Park with seaside cliffs, as well as the Viking open-air museum and many other attractions await tourists there.

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