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Dziekanowice is a small town on Lake Lednickie, where one of the branches of the Museum of the First Piasts in Lednica is located. It is a place strongly associated with the beginnings of the Polish state and the Piast dynasty.

The main attraction of Dziekanowice is the Museum of the First Piasts. Its most important part is Ostrów Lednicki, an island on Lake Lednickie with the ruins of a palas from the 10th century. Ostrów is considered one of the possible places for baptism by Mieszko I. Apart from the palatium, there are also also ruins of houses and a cemetery.

The second branch of the Museum of the First Piasts is the Wielkopolska Ethnographic Park, where you can see the life of the inhabitants of Wielkopolska in the 19th and early 20th centuries. There are huts and farm buildings, as well as a wooden church and a manor house.

The vicinity of Dziekanowice is located in the Lednica Landscape Park with numerous cycling and hiking trails in the postglacial landscape. You can walk them among others to Pola Lednickie, where the Fish-shaped Gate of the Third Millennium is located. Every year, youth meetings animated by Dominicans are organized here, and there is a retreat house next door.

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