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Chojna is a city whose history dates back to the 12th century, and large fragments of city fortifications have survived to our times. Despite the war damage, you can also admire the beautiful town hall and the former city parish church.

Due to its location, Chojna was for centuries the object of competition between Poland, Brandenburg, the Czech Republic, and later also Prussia. In the period until World War II, it was located in Germany, and after its end it was largely inhabited by settlers from the Eastern Borderlands. At the end of the war, the city suffered enormous damage due to the advance of the front and its occupation by the red army. Many buildings have not been restored, but some have survived or have been rebuilt.

The most important monument of Chojna is St. Mary's Church, the construction of which began in the 15th century. It is a late-Gothic church with an almost 100-meter-high 19th-century tower. In its upper part there is an observation deck that allows you to admire the beautiful panorama of the surrounding area. An interesting monument is also the town hall in Chojna, reconstructed after World War II and its destruction. Its facade with a decorative gable bristled with pinnacles is noteworthy.

In Chojna also fragments of defensive walls and two massive city gates, the Barnkowska Gate and the Świecka Gate, have been preserved. They are now a memory of the city's former glory and its military importance.

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