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Augustów is situated among picturesque lakes on the border of historical Podlasie and Suwałki regions. There is one of the most important monuments of water engineering in Poland, the Augustów Canal.

Legend links the beginnings of Augustów with the tryst of King Zygmunt August and Barbara Radziwiłłówna. In memory of this meeting, the king was to order the founding of the town and granted it a statute in 1557. Although there are not many historic buildings in the city to this day, its surroundings more than compensate for it. The attractions of Augustów are related primarily to the possibility of practicing active tourism in the area and relaxing by the water. The lack of monuments is also compensated by museums, the Museum of the Augustów Region and the Museum of the 1st Krechowiecki Lancers Regiment located in the former church.

The main attraction of Augustów and its most important monument is the Augustów Canal, built in the 19th century. There are 12 lakes and 14 locks on its route. The canal can be crossed by canoe, motorboat and boat. Żegluga Augustowska also organizes regular cruises on several routes. The route to Studzieniczne Lake, where the Chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Studzieniczna is located on the island, is very popular. You can learn about the history of the canal at the Augustów Canal Museum.

The Netta river flowing through Augustów and the surrounding lakes are perfect for relaxing by the water and practicing water sports. The town has a beach and a promenade that ends with a pier overlooking the lake. A popular place for walks is the boulevard on the Netta.

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