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Treviso is a historic city, the splendor of which was associated with the relations with the Republic of Venice. A lot of historic buildings have been preserved in the city center, mainly from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

In the place where Treviso is today, there was a Celtic settlement in antiquity, and then a Roman one. After the fall of the Empire, these areas passed from hand to hand, and finally hit the borders of the Venetian Republic. It was then that the city began to develop as a trade and craft center.

Among the most important monuments of the city are the early Gothic church of St. Francis, where you can admire frescoes from the mid-fourteenth century, and the church of St. Nicholas. There is also the Cathedral of St. Peter, the shape of which refers to Roman buildings. Inside there is a painting of Titian showing the scene of the Annunciation.

The main square and attraction of Treviso is Piazza dei Signori, surrounded by palaces from the 15th century. Among the secular monuments, the late Romanesque and Byzantine Loggia dei Cavalieri stand out.

The most important of the local museums is the Bailo Museum located in the Complex of St. Catherine. They offer exhibitions on the archeology, medieval and renaissance history of the city.

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