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Torri del Benaco is a resort on Lake Garda that impresses with both its location and the medieval atmosphere of a small city center surrounded by defensive walls. There are beaches covered with gravel and small stones and a picturesque fishing and tourist port.

The town has been a place of rest for the Italian aristocracy since the Middle Ages. Among its monuments is the monumental Scaglieri Castle. Around the old town there are partially preserved defensive walls, and within them there are cobbled streets, colorful houses and small charming squares. Some of the squares with many restaurants and cafés open towards Lake Garda, allowing you to enjoy the views of the surrounding area while you dine.

There is a small port in the town from which you can take a boat trip on the lake. There are also boats owned by local fishermen. A nice place in the area is the village of Pai with the ruins of a fortress with Roman roots. In the vicinity, you can also visit the Grotta Tanella cave with its rich dripstone form.

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