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Природный парк Эстречо

Локальное имя: Parque Natural del Estrecho

Estrecho Natural Park covers an area of approximately 189 square kilometers. It is the southernmost protected area in Europe, including the Giblartar Strait, the coastal belt and the surrounding area. There are many endangered and protected species and it is a place through which migratory routes of birds departing for winter to warmer regions pass.

It is an important part of the Mediterranean Transcontinental Biosphere Reserve. In the park you can see Mediterranean vegetation, palm trees, ferns, heathers, cork trees, hornbeams and pines. There are many dolphins and cetaceans in the oceanic realm.

The park was established in 2003 in order to protect the unique fauna and flora and ensure a balanced coexistence with human communities. The unique connection of the Mediterranean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean creates a unique climate and endemic vegetation.


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    Природный парк Эстречо карта
    Природный парк Эстречо
    Природный парк Эстречо
    Tarifa , Испания