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Музей Сальвадора Дали

Локальное имя: Casa Museu Salvador Dalí

A charming fisherman's house, which now houses a museum devoted to the life and work of the famous painter. The space is divided into three main parts: the residential area, the workshop and the outer area. The museum is decorated in a surreal style.

Visitors can see an oval room where former guests were welcomed, a dressing room, a room with photos of a married couple, a room with tools and optical devices, and a room with a stuffed bear that serves as a stand for umbrellas and lamps. An interesting place is also a patio with a swimming pool, items collected by the artist and flower pots.

El Salvador Dali bought the hut in 1929. After the building was adapted to the painter's needs, he lived and painted in this exact place in 1930-1982. After the death of his wife Gala, the artist moved to Castillo de Púbol. The modernization of the house to open the museum took place in 1994 by Oriola Clos y Costa and José Ramos Illán.


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