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Храм Пророка Моисея

Локальное имя: مقام النبي موسى - جبل نيبو

Расположенный внутри : Гора Нево

The Sanctuary dedicated to Moses is located in the Franciscan Monastery on the top of Mount Nebo. It is connected to an archaeological park which includes the remains of an early Christian temple built to honor Moses' death. It is a holy place for the followers of Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

The history of the sanctuary dates back to the 4th century. It was then a church with three apses and an atrium. At the end of the 6th century, the temple was extended to a three-nave basilica, and a dozen or so years later a chapel dedicated to the Mother of God was added to it. Fragments of walls and floors decorated with mosaics have survived to the present day.

According to the biblical accounts, it was from the top of Mount Nebo that Moses was supposed to see the Promised Land, but he could not enter it.


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