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Dion is a small town at the foot of Mount Olympus, known for its valuable archaeological site, one of the largest in Greece.

Currently, the village is primarily of tourist importance and is a base for tourists visiting the nearby ruins. According to mythology, the city of Dion was founded by Deucalion and Pyrrh, who survived the Great Flood. Due to the proximity of Mount Olympus, considered by the ancient Greeks as the seat of the gods, it was an important religious center of antiquity.

The city experienced the greatest prosperity in Roman times, and in the first centuries, a Christian basilica was built here next to the temples of the ancient gods. The earthquake and the subsequent barbarian invasions put an end to the city's existence. The ruins became overgrown with vegetation and hid underground. They were discovered only in the 19th century, and the village was reborn in their vicinity.

The archaeological site of Dion is very extensive. There are several ruins of temples here, incl. Temple of Demeter, Temple of Zeus Hypsistos and Temple of Isis. In addition, the Hellenistic Theater is visible, where performances and concerts, as well as the Roman theater are held to this day. The attractions of Dion are the mosaics that have been preserved, among others on the premises of the polygonal building.

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