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Замок Фриденштайн

Локальное имя: Schloss Friedenstein

The palace was built in the mid-17th century. It was one of the first baroque palaces in the world and one of the largest palaces of its time. Currently, it houses several museums. During the tour, you can see the restored interiors, including the prince's apartments and a rich collection of items made of ivory, amber and silver.

The west tower houses the Ekhof Theater, one of the oldest surviving baroque theaters with the stage machinery still in operation. In addition, you can visit the Natural History Museum, the Historical Museum and the Münzkabinett Gotha, which houses one of the largest numismatic collections in Germany, with 130,000 items.

The palace also houses the Scientific Library, the castle chapel and casemates, which are partly open to the public.


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    Замок Фриденштайн карта
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