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Гринвич дощатый

Локальное имя: Greenwichpromenade

The picturesque promenade stretches along the shores of Lake Tegel in the north of Berlin. There are numerous benches from which you can observe the panorama of the lake and its shores. During the walk, you can meet wild ducks and swans, which are used to seeing people and allow you to approach each other at a short distance.

Along the promenade there is an alley of picturesque plane trees. There is also a children's playground and a boat dock. You can rent a boat here or go on an organized cruise on the lake.


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    Гринвич дощатый карта
    Гринвич дощатый
    Гринвич дощатый
    Borsigdamm 13507 Берлин , Германия