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Bélouve Forest

Локальное имя: Forêt de Bélouve

The Bélouve Forest is a primeval forest located on a plateau adjacent to the city of Salazie, in the heart of the island of Reunion in the national park. This is called foggy forest, which means that due to the thickening of water vapor, low-lying clouds and dense fog often remain in it.

The Bélouve Forest surprises with a wealth of flora and fauna. It is here that tamarind wood is obtained, used for the production of furniture. As a curiosity, it is worth mentioning that the name of the forest comes from the Malagasy word Belova, which means "precious heritage".

There are several marked hiking trails in the forest, including the popular Trou de Fer. Formerly, there was also a cable car here. However, it was destroyed in 1980 during the cyclone of Hyacinth and it was decided to turn it off permanently.


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