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Yvré-l'Évêque is a town famous for its medieval Epau Abbey. Currently, there are also several family amusement parks in its vicinity.

The first records of Yvré-l'Évêque come from the 12th century and refer to the summer bishop's estate located here. In 1229, the widow of the English king Richard the Lionheart founded the Royal Abbey of Epau here. Currently, it is a monument open to the public. On its premises, you can see a gothic monastery church, cloisters with tombstones, monks' bedrooms, a refectory and gardens.

Although Yvré-l'Évêque is small, there are plenty of family attractions here. The most famous is the House of Preirie, a vast park where you can ride horses, visit the gardens and conservatory, and take part in ecology workshops. Those looking for more adrenaline-fueled entertainment can go to the Papea Park with rollercoasters, carousels and slides. The Water Museum (Ark of Nature) in the area of the former waterworks is also very popular, where you can get to know river ecosystems in an interactive way and learn how water is used in everyday life.

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