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Руины замка Вордингборг

Локальное имя: Vordingborg Slotsruin

The history of the royal castle dates back to the 12th century. Only the ruins of the 14th-century defensive walls and the 26-meter-high Goose Tower have survived to this day. In its heyday, it was one of the largest medieval castles in Denmark.

The castle was built in 1175 by order of King Waldemar I the Great. It played a double role - a defensive fortress and a base for the German coast and the Baltic Sea. In the following centuries, the fortress was expanded. In the mid-fourteenth century, its defensive walls were 800 m long and were additionally reinforced with 9 towers.

The brick tower is the only element of the castle that has been preserved in its entirety. It is also considered the only fully preserved medieval defensive tower in the country. It is crowned with a copper spire from 1871.


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