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номер 1 в городе

Аква-аквариум и зоопарк

Локальное имя: Aqua Akvarium & Dyrepark

The aquarium and nature park are perfect places for a family trip. It is the largest freshwater aquarium in Northern Europe. In the tanks located on 4 floors of the huge building, you can see, among others pike and catfish, as well as other fish, amphibians and reptiles. It is worth going to the so-called dark aquarium in the basement - nocturnal animals live in it.

Outside, in conditions similar to natural, you can see beavers, otters, raccoons, storks and other animals. Demonstration feedings and talks are held daily at designated times.

The nature park is adjacent to the water park. There is a large water playground with water cannons, sluices and a paddling pool. There are also carousels, sandboxes and a cable car. Next to the playground, there is a large dining area with barbecue facilities, tables and toilets.


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