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Фонтан аиста

Локальное имя: Storke springvandet

The historic fountain is in the center of Amiagrav Square, on the pedestrianized Strøget. It consists of a nine-sided basin with a multi-section hexagonal granite column in the center. The fountain owes its name to the sculptures of three storks with their wings outstretched and looking as if they were getting ready to take off.

The fountain is also decorated with other thematically related elements, including figures of frogs and shells. The smaller bowl looks like a small pond with carved reeds and watersticks sticking out of it.

The fountain was built in 1894. It was a gift to Prince Frederick, later Frederick VIII, and Princess Luisa Bernadotte on the occasion of the 25th wedding anniversary. It was made by the sculptor Vilhelm Bissen, based on illustrations and sketches by Edvard Petersen.


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    Фонтан аиста карта
    Фонтан аиста
    Фонтан аиста
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