номер 1 в городе


Локальное имя: Fængslet

The former prison building now houses a museum devoted to the history of prisons and crime. After expansion in 2016, it became the largest prison museum in the world. During the tour, you can see selected cells and listen to the stories of individual prisoners.

The museum also houses a reconstruction of an 18-meter tunnel dug under the courtyard by Carl August Lorentzen, a thief in the 1940s. In 1949, the tunnel was used for the most spectacular escape in the history of this prison. In addition, the facility includes hotel rooms, a restaurant and a concert hall, where a Metallica concert for 40,000 people took place in 2012.

The prison was opened in 1853 and operated until 2006. It was intended for convicts serving long terms of imprisonment. The last prisoners were transferred to the Enner Mark state prison.


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    Fængslet карта
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