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Центр викингов Фыркат

Локальное имя: Vikingecenter Fyrkat

The center is devoted to the life of the Vikings during the Middle Ages. It has the form of a reconstructed village from the 10th century and consists of 9 traditional long houses. It also complements the nearby fortress.

The main building is 33 meters long and is a faithful reconstruction of the Viking manor house. Here you can see the center's employees dressed in period costumes and recreating traditional activities and crafts, such as baking bread, working in a forge or playing instruments. You can also try your hand at e.g. in archery.

Among the attractions for children is a playground in the theme of Norse mythology. There are both wooden figures that you can climb and posters. Additionally, you can go to meetings where storytellers tell engaging Nordic stories.


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    Центр викингов Фыркат карта
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