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Музей бурого угля Сёби

Локальное имя: Søby Brunkulsmuseum

The museum was opened in 1977. It is devoted to the life and work of employees who worked in the extraction of lignite from local deposits in the years 1940-1970. There are, among others 3 authentic workers' houses from the 1940s, a grocery store, an assembly hall, a canteen and offices.

During the tour, you can also see the machines used in coal mining, including excavators, conveyors and trucks. The collections also include smaller tools, everyday items belonging to employees and collections of archival photos and documents.

Within the museum, there are also remains of the Stinne family house - a married couple with 17 children. They were some of the last inhabitants, they only moved out at the beginning of the 20th century. They built their own small house.


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