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Музей рыболовства и мореплавания

Локальное имя: Fiskeri-& Søfartsmuseet

The museum is dedicated to Danish shipping and fishing. It consists of a sea aquarium, a seal tank and an exhibition space located both inside and outside the building. It features both permanent exhibitions and special exhibitions that change regularly.

The museum was founded in 1968 and was initially devoted solely to fishing. It also housed an aquarium, where from the very beginning you could observe a variety of species, both native and exotic. In 1976, a seal pool was added, and in the following years, the external space was expanded to include reconstructions of fishing villages and wooden shipyards from the Second World War.

The collection consists of approximately 16,800 exhibits related to Danish shipping and the Danish maritime industry. Among them is an extensive collection of photographs and a collection of fishing equipment consisting of about 2,000 items.


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    Музей рыболовства и мореплавания карта
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