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База отдыха Леголенд

Локальное имя: Legoland Holiday Village

The Holiday Village is a themed campsite located approx. 450 m from the main entrance to LEGOLAND. The offer includes houses arranged e.g. as pirate ships, houses in the forest wilderness or Indian tents. Just like in the main amusement park, there are decorations made of LEGO bricks.

The campsite has a pirate-style restaurant, supermarket, brick shop and parking. You can use the TV room and the NINTENDO console room, as well as the inflatables and mini golf course. In addition, there are specially designated places to organize a bonfire or barbecue.

For the youngest there are themed playgrounds where children can play cowboys, Indians or pirates. There is a ship, a wooden Chinese-style castle, sandboxes, slides and climbing nets.


Достопримечательности внутри

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