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Коллекция Стрёера

Локальное имя: Strøjer Samlingen

The private car collection was founded by Jørgen Strøjer Hansen. Includes over 100 rare and exclusive vehicles. They include cars formerly belonging to royal families, racing cars, including the Grand Prix and Le Mans class. All of them are in perfect condition.

Older car lovers may be interested, among others Rolls-Royce from the 1930s or Bugatti from the 1920s And fans of modern sports cars can see vehicles such as Lamborgini, Bentley and Ferrari. One of the most interesting exhibits is the graphite-gray Aston Martin, which was used on the set of the James Bond movie "Die Another day".

The collection can be viewed individually or with a guide. All visits must be booked in advance.


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    Коллекция Стрёера карта
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